JINGLE JAM4: Dave's 2017 Holiday Mix

Dave's Christmas mix is back for the fourth year, with more unique renditions of classics and original obscurities. With big names like Curtis Mayfield, Tom Petty, T Rex, Chubby Checker, Burt Bacharach, and the Drifters, plus time-dated novelties like Pac-Man's bizarre Christmas love song to Ms. Pac-Man or Cordell Jackson's list of then-current rock'n'roll records, it's a mix both wonderful and strange, a funky funky Christmas with the man with the mistletoe mustache and Santa doing the mambo to pre-Motown Detroit vocal group the Enchanters. Hope these tunes add some joy to your world!

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(Album cover photo once again by Doug Coombe!)

Jingle Jam4: Dave's 2017 Holiday Mix!