Recorded Sets

Relive it anew. Dave often posts sets on mixcloud, but you scan the full archives below to listen or download any set you want. If you hear a song and want to know who it is, feel free to email and ask, noting the time of the song in the set. To know when Dave is playing out and about, follow him on Facebook.

04/12/202245 45s, Vol 6 download
01/23/202245 45s, Vol 5 download
01/07/202233 33s, Vol 1 [setlist]download
12/05/2021DUCF Sundaydownload
12/04/2021DUCF Saturdaydownload
12/03/2021DUCF Opening Night (2 of 2)download
12/03/2021DUCF Opening Night (1 of 2)download
11/29/2021Small Business Friday at Rust Belt Market, Ferndaledownload
11/01/202145 45s, Vol 4 download
10/18/2021Bossa Booga Mooga Mix 2 [setlist]download
10/17/2021Bossa Booga Mooga Mix 1 [setlist]download
9/23/2021Jimmy Buffet Preparty at DTE Music Theater download
9/10/2021Dead and Co Preparty at DTE Music Theaterdownload
7/4/202145 45s, Vol 3 download
7/3/202145 45s, Vol 2 download
2/27/2021At Home Mix (New Finds and Old Faves) [setlist]download
12/24/2020Christmas Classicsdownload
12/04/2020Monday Mixday #9 (AFTER PARTY)download
11/30/2020Jingle Jams Vol 7: 2020 Holiday Mix [Setlist and Liner Notes]download
11/22/2020Monday Mixday #8 (THANKSGIVING) [setlist]download
11/16/2020Monday Mixday #7 (DUCF 2020) [setlist]download
11/09/2020Monday Mixday #6 (POST-ELECTION) [setlist]download
11/02/2020Monday Mixday #5 (ELECTION) [setlist]download
10/26/2020Monday Mixday #4 (HALLOWEEN) [setlist]download
10/19/2020Monday Mixday #3 (DUCF 2020) [setlist]download
10/12/2020Monday Mixday #2 (DUCF 2020) [setlist]download
10/05/2020Monday Mixday #1 (DUCF 2020) [setlist]download
08/26/202045 45s, Vol 1 [setlist]download
05/22/202060s Soul Quarantine Mix (Friday Night at Home Edition) [setlist]download
03/05/2020Smokey Robinson 80th Birthday Mix at Detroit Fleatdownload
02/16/2020Mardi Gras Bowl at Bowlero Lanes and Loungedownload
02/06/2020The WORD at Detroit Fleatdownload
01/23/2020Rust Belt Market Employee Partydownload
01/02/2020The WORD at Detroit Fleatdownload
12/08/2019Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Sundaydownload
12/07/2019Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Saturdaydownload
12/05/2020Bootlegger Night at Detroit Fleatdownload
11/30/2019Small Business Saturday at The Rust Belt Market (XMAS)download
11/14/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Snowdownload
10/26/2019Boo Bowl with Tom DeChristafarodownload
10/19/2019Oktoberfest at Detroit Fleatdownload
10/10/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Spookdownload
09/10/2019Collective Arts Brewing Launch Party at Detroit Fleatdownload
09/07/2019SOUL'n'ROLL at Bowlero (with Adam Stanfel and Tom Dechristofaro)download
09/05/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Schooldownload
08/26/2019Cass Sidewalk Sale at Sfumato + Castaliadownload
08/19/2019Cobo's "Bees in the D" Sustainability Partydownload
08/04/2019Secret Patio Brunch at the Peterborodownload
08/01/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Artdownload
07/31/2019JD Candler's 140th Anniversary Party at M1 Racetrackdownload
07/11/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Summer (and Dave Bartholomew)download
06/13/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Doctor (John)download
05/09/2019Gilda's Big Night Out at Orchestra Halldownload
05/02/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Curtis (and Andre Williams)download
03/19/2019Cocktail Hour at Book Cadillac Hoteldownload
03/06/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleat - Mardi Grasdownload
02/07/2019The WORD at Detroit Fleatdownload
01/03/2019Detroit Fleat - "New" Year Setdownload
12/17/2019Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau Employee Partydownload
12/01/2018Detroit Urban Craft Fair Day 2 (1 of 2)download
12/01/2018Detroit Urban Craft Fair Day 2 (2 of 2)download
12/01/2018Detroit Urban Craft Fair Day 1 (1 of 3)download
12/01/2018Detroit Urban Craft Fair Day 1 (2 of 3)download
12/01/2018Detroit Urban Craft Fair Day 1 (3 of 3)download
11/29/2018Cobo Center Digital Billboard Closing Receptiondownload
11/25/2018The Rocket in Ferndale Small Business Saturday (Xmas Set)download
11/15/2018Yelp Helps for the Holidays (Xmas Set)download
11/1/2018Detroit Fleat (Allen Toussaint Day)download
10/02/2018Shift Digital Mingle Mixdownload
9/11/2018Bees in the D benefit at Cobo (Honey Theme)download
9/6/2018Detroit Fleat (Aretha Tribute Set)download
8/25/2018Cass Block Party outside Castalia Sfumato Fragrance Cocktail Bardownload
8/2/2018Detroit Fleat (full 3 hr set)download
7/28/2018Protoculture Labs Preview Partydownload
7/28/2018Private Pool Partydownload
7/11/2018Cobo Square Corporate Mixerdownload
6/14/2018Yelp's Nauti by Nature at Belle Isle Boat Housedownload
5/24/2018Corporate Party at The Henry Forddownload
5/10/2018Gilda's Night Out at the DSOdownload
4/20/2018Toledo Arts Comission VIP Cocktail Hourdownload
4/20/2018Soul Deep Finale (with Mike Dutkewych)download

For more recordings, Dave has made several theme mixes, plus you can visit the Tuesday In the Forest website, which has more than 100 five-hour nights of music recorded from Dave's biweekly residency at the Loving Touch in Ferndale (2010-2015).