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JINGLE JAM 9: Dave's 9th annual holiday mix of rare and underappreciated Christmas records. A mix of new and old, near and far - songs from this year's mix come from the Caribbean, South Africa, Iceland, Japan, England, Twin Peaks and of course all around the USA. Hope you all have a funky holiday doing the monkey with Santa's reindeers and eating panpepato until you jingle belch!
JINGLE JAM 8: Dave found Santa hidden in the phonograph, inspired by that funky Christmas feeling to do the cha cha, the mambo and dancing with the sugar plum fairies. The Go, Pas/Cal and Ron Banko of the Dramatics represent Detroit this year. Happy holidays - see you same time next year!
WEDDING MIX: Dave's 60s soul wedding sampler. Beginning with a cocktail hour and slowly moving into a dance party, this mix highlights some lesser celebrated songs perfect for a wedding.
JINGLE JAM 7: Where is this year's "Xmas Party" going to be? Underneath the Christmas tree! Even if it's going to be a "Long Long Winter," don't be a "Yule-Tide Jerk" - let this "Christmas Groove" give you all the "Christmas Feelings." Dave has dug extra deep into Santa's bag this year to try and brighten your holiday with two hours of tunes!
JINGLE JAM 6: Sound the trumpets and ring the bells - Santa's on his way! Dave's 6th Christmas mix is too fat for the chimney you might say, with 40 tracks! There are familiar names like Curtis Mayfield, Linda Ronstadt (with the Christmas Spirit), one of Neil Diamond's first compositions ("Santa Santa" by the Rocky Fellers), Pete Seeger, and Smokey Robinson, but many of these tunes are being rescued from Christmas obscurity and are not available anywhere else. Here's hoping every day is a holiday for you!
JINGLE JAM 5: Let's get it together this Christmas - elect Santa Claus President of Yulesville USA! It's a boogie winter wonderland with the warm glow of carribean islands and New Orleans yuletidings. Plus motorcity merryment from Joe Dowell (Ann Arbor Federal Savings), The Going Thing (put out by Ford Motor Co), and current artists like Mayer Hawthorne's Tuxedo and Vulfpeck - even the news team of WJPC Chicago joins in from the DJ booth.
JINGLE JAM 4: It's Dave's Christmas mix all over again! With Jonathan Richman rollicking a classic, a Curtis Mayfield original, Pac-Man wooing Ms. Pac-Man, and the Man with the Mistletoe Mustache, it's another compilation of gems and oddities. whether you're looking for a Disco Christmas, a Rock and Roll Christmas, a Funky Christmas, a White Christmas or Christmas on the Moon, lend your ear this way!
JINGLE JAM 3: Dave's Christmas mix is here again! Come dance and sing to unsung holiday hits and reimagined classics that make the yuletime bright. Featuring carolers lost to obscurity and heavy hitters like Gram Parsons, Bill Withers and John & Yoko, if you're going Christmas shopping, your stocking just isn't stuffed without it.
JINGLE JAM 2: Every day's a holiday with Dave's second annual Xmas mix! Featuring more undercelebrated carols, these soul stompers, country clomplers, and creole spices are the merry compliment to your holiday hoorah. Though it's been said many times, many ways, there are always more classic Christmas tunes to discover.

STRANGE SHADOWS: Dave's 2015 Halloween mix! More spooky instrumentals, novelty monster dancers and chilling sounds. Sure to get you to dance right into an open grave.

JINGLE JAMS: Dave's first official holiday mix from 2014! Dave has a large collection of rare and oddball Christmas records, and almost all of the songs from this mix are recorded directly from his records. This mix focuses on holiday tunes that will get your toes tappin', mostly of the soul and disco variety.

LAST NIGHT I HAD A DREAM: Dave's first Halloween mix from 2014! Enjoy this spell-binding mix of classics and lesser-known ghoulish gems as you mix up some magic brew.